Website Builds

Why Do You CAll IT Website Builds and Not Designs?

We Build WEbsites...
& Design Them!

We call it Website Builds rather than Designs, because every clients website needs are different. Some need a brand new build and design. So we walk them through every step of what they need, we configure it, and then design it. Some clients need an old website rebuilt because their hosting expired. Some client’s web designers disappeared and they need help. Some would like an old website rebuilt and make more modern. Each client is different, but no matter your situation, we are here to help!

Website Build Process

We build new websites, rebuild websites, and even just maintain websites. We don’t offer “standard” packages like most designers, because we want to build you a package for what your specific needs are. This way you are only paying for what you need and we can add additional things at any time.

  • What Are The Steps For A Website Design?
    1. Reach out to me for a consultation. This can be via this website, calling, texting, zoom meeting, email, or even face-to-face. Whatever is most convenient for you! 
    2. I will write up an invoice that also includes our terms and conditions, which makes this our written contract for the services I’m providing for you for the amount of money you are paying me. 
    3. Once the invoice is paid (whether its a payment plan or in full) I will start the website build right away. 
    4. You’ll review the website, and inform me of any updates or changes.
    5. I’ll make the changes, and have you review again. 
    6. Once you’re ready for the website to go live, I will then make the website responsive (for mobile and laptop devices), and also enter in SEO meta at that time. 
    7. Website Goes Live! 
    8. If you have forms on your website, I will reach out for the first few inputs to verify that you are receiving those submissions.
  • How Long Does A Website Build Usually Take?

    Website builds can take from a few days to a week or two just depending on how much content is needed, and if you have that content ready. I like to build websites quickly knowing this is your business and most clients need websites up quickly. 

  • What if I need other business solutions than just a website?

    Absolutely!  Most clients need more than just a website, so we are happy to bundle what you need into your website design build package. That is no problem! Or we can add those things later on after the website is built, totally up to you.

  • What if I don't have hosting, a domain (URL) or other products?

    No problem, just let us know and we will walk you through your options depending on what you need.

  • What If I Can't Pay In Full?

    For Website Build Packages only, we do offer payments plans. We ask that you pay 50% up front of the bill, and then 2 additional payments of the remaining balance over the next two months. We also offer a 10% discount if you are able to pay in full and don’t choose to use a payment plan. Thanks!

What Products Do WE Offer?

We offer anything from Hosting,  Website Security, Business Emails, Domain name, and more! We also can assist you with configuring everything so you don’t have to stress! 

Ask Your Questions

Do You Offer Any Discounts?

YES! We Offer Discounts!

We offer 10% to First Responders, Military Veterans, and Referrals.
If you refer someone to us and they inform us of the referral,
you will receive one hour of credit ($120) to use for one of our services for your business!

First REsponders

We want to thank first responders for keeping America going! If you are a first responder starting a new business or currently own a business, let me know!

Military Veterans

I want to thank my military family, so please let me know if you have served.

Non For Profit

We want to help you help others!
Reach out for what discounts we offer!

Refer a Friend

Have a friend or family member that needs a website, refer them and you both will get a discount on services.